A Model Made Man

Whoops. Well that didn’t work out quite as planned.

So far built I have:

30 Ork Boyz – with slugga and choopa. Inc Nob with PK, and 3 Rokkit Boyz

30 Ork Boyz – with shoota, Inc Nob with PK, and 3 Rokkit Boyz

Big Mek, with KFF & Burna.

They’re also base coated – and I’ve managed to finish painting the Choppa Boyz and the Big Mek..

When i find the stupid upload cable I can upload the pictures and post the progress so far.
Rl means no RL gaming, but between the household DIY, I’m impressed with what I’ve managed!

In The Beginning…

..was the massive box of bits, and an interest in making stuff.

So with a little help from myself, and some people I now semi-regulalrly play table top wargames with, I’m happily crafting, and shoddily painting things. I’ll never be the greatest player – I struggle to take things too seriously. But they give me games so mostly I’m happy!

But hey why not blog what I build of a Warhammer 40k Ork Army – From a massive box of bits collected over the years out of “OOO I like that”, and what I build of a Hordes Legion of Everblight Army, or whatever else I put together  – becuase one can really only have so much GW in one’s life, and I’ve started to see so much more out there! There’s stuff i want to buy build and paint I don’t thing I’d ever play….

This is just a placeholder.. I dug out the camera, and I’ve built some bits.

Hopefully this will keep me motivated.

Warning sometimes I forget the spellchecker, or punctutation, or even readable english 😀