In The Beginning…

..was the massive box of bits, and an interest in making stuff.

So with a little help from myself, and some people I now semi-regulalrly play table top wargames with, I’m happily crafting, and shoddily painting things. I’ll never be the greatest player – I struggle to take things too seriously. But they give me games so mostly I’m happy!

But hey why not blog what I build of a Warhammer 40k Ork Army – From a massive box of bits collected over the years out of “OOO I like that”, and what I build of a Hordes Legion of Everblight Army, or whatever else I put together  – becuase one can really only have so much GW in one’s life, and I’ve started to see so much more out there! There’s stuff i want to buy build and paint I don’t thing I’d ever play….

This is just a placeholder.. I dug out the camera, and I’ve built some bits.

Hopefully this will keep me motivated.

Warning sometimes I forget the spellchecker, or punctutation, or even readable english 😀


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