Misinformation, Moments & Mentality

I question information given to me that I did not seek out.
I see so many people trying to fight for a better world.
I hear about so many people trying to protect all our lives.
1 read about people fighting systems bigger than individuals.

I feel there is so much good intent in all these actions.
I take small steps affect my corner of this wide wide world.
I reflect on how I act to improve how I interact with others.
I doubt the certainty of a good answer over a good question.

I fight to defend people who do not believe or act as I do.
I believe in debating and disagreement without loss of respect.
I dream that I can change myself.
I embrace my limits of my form and experiences.

I wonder at infinite possibilities of actions in every moment.
I define myself as the freedom to react to moments in my Life.
I try to choose my Life’s moments.
I know Life’s moments happen regardless.

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