Ming’s 10 Happiness Helpers Mk.2?

My own words, but not necessarily original ideas.


3 Years Ago I made these:

  1. Live & Let Live
  2. Be Giving Of Yourself To Others
  3. Proceed Calmly
  4. Consumerism Breeds Anxiety
  5. Take A Family Day Every Week
  6. Find Dignified Work
  7. Respect & Care For The Earth
  8. Stop Being Negative
  9. Don’t Preach Just Dialogue
  10. Work For Peace

Last Night trying to repeat from memory I wrote these:

  1. Live & Let Live
  2. Proceed Calmly
  3. Work For Peace
  4. Take A Family Day Every Week
  5. Respect The Earth
  6.  Be Giving Of Yourself
  7. Be Gentle With Yourself
  8. Speak Your Truth
  9. Learn Something Every Day
  10. Do Something That Scares You.


Some things change it seems, some things stay the same.

To be fair I’m not looking for all the answers.

I’m still working out better questions.


“Any system without the means to change, is without the means of it’s own survival” Anon




Tick. Tock. Tick Tock.

This picture of dots is not my idea.

But I do think it’s an elegant expression of one major piece of the puzzle every living human being has to deal with.

Our time is, individually, finite.

Start at 0, the birth of a new life, and reading left to right the weeks add up. Each row going down represents another year.

All of my problems I know do not take up all those dots, but they will always be there.  The knack is, literally, remembering to look at the bigger picture.

The second step has been to remember not to forget that it could all be over at any moment.  But I’m still just a partially hairless monkey. So while I’m not perfect, I’m persisting, so I’ll try to make something of the current and future dots!

There’ll be no more freebies from me. For anyone.

I no longer have the time. And I currently do not have the patience.

Unless it’s my love and passion.

At least one person in my life gets that for free.