When you finally finish that project…

It’s only take almost 30 years. But it’s done.

What were the winning ingredients?

-: 30 Gorkamorka Orks – inc. Two metal models & one ‘Spesh Mehreen’ Armoured RT Orc. + 3 improvised ‘Big Shootas’ aka lollipop sticks & bitzbox gubbins
-: 30 Rogue Trader Orks – Inc one metal RT Champ w/ Power Klaw, and 3 metal RT models used for RT Missile Launchers.
-: 1 Orc Zap Gun Figure – Converted to ‘Mekboy’ w/ Kustom Force Field/Flamer/Targeter
Various Zinge Industries Bits Zinge Industries

Paint Materials:
Coat D’Arme Paints
-: 905 – American Civil War Set

Army Painter
-: Army Painter Dark Tone
-: Mega Brush Set
-: Greenskin Primer

-: Brush Restorer
-: Wood Glue aka PVA
-: Matt Varnish
-: Bag of Sand/Bag of ‘Alien’ Sand & Bits of Cork aka ‘Rocks’
-: 2mm bearings for ballast.

-: One Desk, One Desk Lamp w/ Daylight bulb. And many visits to: Wigan Tabletop Games Club & also a generous sprinkling of Trello , and BBC R6

Thanks to Will for being friendly & genuinely engaging on my first visit; Andy, despite being a grumpy scot, for offering a game of everything under the sun; Rik & Steve for f#@king swearing on every sub-f#@king-sequent visit; Chris for some intellectual debate and knowing who Christopher Hitchens was..

The bulb & brushes were a new idea.. and I’m glad I did it.

All painted and completed over the last 2 months. They’ve been built since before I started renovating my current home 4 years ago.

As celebration – here they are with their  Gorkamorka scenery, Crashed Ship &  Digganob Tents.(aka Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome ) I might even dig through my film collection for appropriate names. I still haven’t found the metal Digganob…YET!

Ming is most smug.

What’s next?

30 Kromlech Great Coat Orcs, 30 Modern Orcs, a Kromlech Medik & a Raging Heroes Ork Warboss. Oh and some Blood Bowl Orks. Just because.

The entire V1 Super Dungeon Explore set – White primer & Inks incoming for a loud retro 8-Bit gaming feel.

1) Proxy For Dragon Rampant (using Orcs)
2) Blood Bowl – LRB Rules
3) Stargrunt II – Someone will bite eventually.

2x RT Games to write up w/ Dan “The Invincible Celt” T.

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