Worrying, Wondering & Windmills

Is there a windmill of your mind?

Some of you right now are struggling. Struggling with longing for things you can’t do. Struggling against a fear of things you cannot see. Struggling against things you cannot control. Some of us have  been in the ‘windmill of the the mind’ before. More than once.

How does this ‘windmill’ work? Why the analogy?

Right now the ‘sails’ of your mind are being blown and pushed by ‘winds’ you do not want.  This in turn is spinning each of your ‘cogs’ – all the way to the ‘grindstone’ – and hence crushing the ‘grain’ of your hopes into ‘flour’  – which then blows away in the ‘winds’.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You could try disconnecting your ‘sails’, and servicing the ‘cogs’. Explore how your ‘windmill’ works.  Then try putting it back together – let the ‘winds’ blow.

Turn that ‘flour’ into life sustaining ‘bread’