Memory, Meaning, Meditation

Memory is a fickle mistress, I was told this today..

And suddenly like a beacon in my memory.. I remembered that I’d forgotten it.

Memories can be so fleeting.The most persecuted group in modern society is the individual, and I’m not alone in thinking this.

Why do so many people want to swim in a bowl with others when the possibilities are there for the taking?

Does it really feel so safe to be in a prison to protect your freedoms in the face of the unknown depths of the sea of life?

What is it in the vast ocean of possible life that scares people?

The seas have made this planet a home for life. And not just the water.Plankton, & algae – such a small creations – provide so much oxygen that we all rely on. It isn’t just from trees.

We all came from the sea. A long long time ago. The human womb is an ‘internal sea’.

But quite frankly there are some people who really do need to crawl back into the fucking sea and de-evolve a little more.

They are only the 1% of the people who frustrate me. The other 99% of people who frustrate me just need a little perceptual adjustments from nice people.

To remind them that they’ve forgotten we’re all connected. And that everyone has value.

The 1% are the narcissists, the sociopaths, and the psychopaths.

But I suppose even they can have their uses. Maybe it’s just not my path to help them.

Maybe I need to let this go… maybe not.

I need to be careful with my anger and fire. I’m not perfect.

I am lost in a liminal space. And my sense of inner spirituality is OK with that.

I’m going to meditate on this image and try sleeping.

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