Update {Hello.World} && Upgrade {Life} && $HOME$ {Purge}

Two months ago I had an existential crisis staring ahead at a serious road accident.  Two mangled cars, three fire trucks, and a helicopter landing in the road behind me.

Unplanned events happen all the time. Decisions & actions need to be taken all the time too. I’ve had 9 months of 12 hour work days, 40,000 miles driven in 6 months. And no life. It had to stop.

Tomorrow is never here.


I’ve done a much needed root and branch spring clean of my mental and physical spaces. I’m very lucky in these trying times I could. Deleted all un-social media accounts. But I’ve kept reddit, imgur, discord and a few other things where it’s about the interests, not the person. As this is mostly a project from me to me, I’m letting it pass for now.

There’s more to living than working. It’s definitely why some people see my career paths as unusual. I am going to continue to experiment with what works for me. I’ve taken on a trainee role at 45 – with the massive caveat that I do know a lot of it. But like my sanity, it’s never been certified.

I’m  lucky financially, and also with the friends and family I connect with, and the support I receive.

Five years ago I thought my future was 100% secure and I was in total control of my destiny.  It’s been one vicious roller-coaster…

” Yesterday has already gone.


All I can attempt to control are my choices now to this roller-coaster we call life. I will take my chances, and take the successes and failures with good grace.

Let’s see,  like the branches of a tree, how many smiles I can spread each day.

What have I also been up to?


I’ve costed up all the additional projects on the house that due to the persistent back muscles issues I cannot do, sadly nor can I do my much loved yoga. I can still meditate.


Been a fun month of ‘dive in head first’ tech work. Very productive use of my free time while I can’t ‘labour’.

There is only now.


No-one else I know IRL has any idea what any of all this is.

Only taken like the last few years to on the linux/laptop windows/pc combo – dual booting never really did it for me, as I never rebooted.

I’ve configured Linuxmint on 2 devices,Pihole, Soulseek, Rysnc, Retroarch, Steam OS (Most of my games run), & MusicBrainz Picard (for editing my music library), manually fixed and then re-built an EDID. The monitor has never worked perfectly under Linux. It does now.

Learnt a lot about initramfs & linux structures on the way. Jellyfin Home Media Server – running private network over Tailscale to browse from anywhere on a private-mesh net. Done reboot and power loss tests. It’s all persistent.

Plus a Ventoy MultiISO rescue disk. Failed to depoy OpenWrt to a router due to them no longer supporting sub 4MB flash devices – and Tailscale solved that issue anyway.

Purged over 300GB data.. then added back in a lot more TV/Film… doh! Also rebuilt my tech station. (PC/Laptop/PS4/Switch)

Then re-edited over 60k music files.

Don’t panic I’ve got a mirrored 6TB storage and 1TB OS back up all automated. There’s 16TB of total storage. I’m not trying to back up the internet. But I HATE advertising, anywhere. Streaming can drive me nuts.

I’ve now got two spare raspberry pi and two 64GB USB drives to think of a project for. I’m thinking lights/fans/heat control for the greenhouse and shed. if I can get my back sorted. All our bills are rising due to shareholder profit seemingly the biggest driver on the planet. I’d rather just have just enough. And some peace of mind. Designed obsolescence is killing us.


I’ve been back down the Tabletop Club – they’re definitely shocked by the fluorescent 8bit/16bit inspired models I’m painting for Super Dungeon Explore. I’m really itchy for a game of Dragon Rampant or Blood Bowl.

Online RPG’ing has changed from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, to Traveller RPG. I can totally see how Firefly or The Expanse came to be. I’m hooked already – with spreadsheet and Draw.Io deck plans galore.

Then some more Nier Automata to play..which I started in 2019 before I caught “The Wife of Many Holes”. Most of the PTSD is gone from that 10 year relationship. Poetry peoples have also been contacted again. Some people are so forgiving of personal absence.

I’ve finally been able to book Live gigs/Cinema/Theatre & Live shows. I’ve still even buy CDs and digital on Bandcamp, and personal bits just for me.

{ ( %Music%+%Tinkering%+%Play% ) = satisfaction } > ( %Status% or %Work% or %Social Media% )

Oldhammer 40k – When Fun Beats ‘Rulez’ Pt. 1

1. Setup

What happens when two Oldhammer fans catch up for the first time face-to-face in too long?

Models get busted out. A shed gets filled.

And dice plans don’t work out the way you expect.

This weekend over two nights two games were played.  Both games were Dan T.  Aka “The Indestructible Celt”  Vs myself Shaun A. Aka “Ming The Mirthless”

2. Marines Advance2.1 Marines Advance

We ended up settling for some Imperial Guards Vs Space Marines the first night – calling them Renegade Imperial Guard, as they were Ming’s team you could even suggest a chaotic taint. Thus the Space Marines were a small advance ‘Purifying’ team sent in to check for signs of chaos taint.

Note to self: Don’t I have an entire box of Chaos Cultists & Proxies somewhere as yet un-built?

These were all based on stats and equipment from the Rogue Trader Compendiums – including original 1st Edition Space Marine stats [T-3] – marines just used to have better equipment and weapons choices – so that’s how we modelled the set-up.

FYI a certain evil Ming once got his Chaos Marines equipped with Nukes and Viral weapons and virtually wiped out an entire Guard platoon in a few shots. Ah… Blood for the Blood God.

Renegade Imperial Guard:

  • 1x Commissar Major Hero – basic and standard equipment
  • 2x Tactical Squads – basic and standard equipment
  • 1x Ogryn Squad – basic and standard + mesh armour and ripper gun for the leader

Purifying Space Marines Advance Team:

  • 1x Major Hero Tech Marine – basic and standard equipment + multilaser rapier gun platform
  • 1x 5 Marine Tactical Squad – basic and standard equipment + multimelta, leader with chainsword and jump packs
  • 1x 5 Marine Assault Squad – basic and standard equipment + 1x power fist, 1x power axe, 1x flamer, 1x heavy bolter

The Marine Assault Squads had a pretty non standard mix of weapons, but we decided to just use the oldest metal marines The Indy Celt had.

So yes that’s all original late 80/ early 90s metal on the game table – and then play it WYSIWYG.

3.1 Guard Advance

We’re both more that capable of mis-remembering rules, using rules from another edition, game or inventing mechanics on the spot.

We have both over the years become frustrated with UGO-IGO. But instead of a simple alternating unit actions – the suggestion this time from Indy Celt was using playing cards.

  1. A card for each squad for one team in red.
  2. A card for each squad of the other team in black.
  3. Shuffle the deck, then pick and activate a unit.
  4. When all cards have been picked, shuffle the used pile and start again.
  5. Squad dead? Take a matching coloured card out.
  6. ????
  7. Profit aka Fun!

6. Woods For Cover

There was a lot of initial scurrying around – with the Ogryns marauding around very slowly through rivers, Marines jumping around from cover to cover – either of walls or woods. And the Imperial Guard made their way uphill.

At one point the Comms tower seemed important. I suspect in hindsight it’s an old chess habit of control the centre, control the game.

Afterwards I  argued a few angry Ogryns stomped out the chance of the Marines calling for backup. Or they might have just knocked out the wires in passing. They are relatively dumb after all.

7. Orgyn Advance8. Marines Side Sweep

Just as there was about to be some significant melee between Ogryn & Marine units – The Tech-marine with Rapier weapons platform rolled into line of sight of the Guard units up on  the hill.

The first roll by the advanced & very well equipped Tech-marine was a 1. A fluff  – with the biggest & deadliest weapon in the field.

The Renegade Guard had no idea what had occurred.

And even if they had, they most likely would have run!

9. Rapier Miss - More 1s10. Grenades!

The Tactical Marine Squad picked off wood hiding Guards with ease – and the retaliatory grenade went off target. 3 blood markers for lost Guard – 1 blood marker for a lost Marine. Yes, that’s the Guard taking themselves out.

It was at this point Indy Celt suggested use of some extra game elements to keep things interesting.

The card selection for turn move was already keeping things highly unpredictable – as a good battle should be.

11. Orgyn Stomps

The new element?

A nice giant roaming Dinosaur – a T-Rex nicked from his daughter’s play box – So in the end we did put a plastic model on the table – but at least it was fully painted.

12. Dinosaur Spotted

The Giant Dinosaur is in the rule book on Pg.221. Rogue Trader has all sorts of scenario & plot & campaign elements built in. But non of it is compulsory.

One of the early compendiums even has rules for programming robots with auto commands. But that’s a whole other story from another game…

13. State of Play

At this point the battle field had been split into two areas – Renegade Orgyns all shouts and smashes on top of  one remaining Tac Marine squad.

On the other side the Renegade Commander was performing an ‘Operation Meat Shield’ with his troops to avoid the wrath of the pursuing zealous Purifying Marines

17. Rapier - Miss Again

As the cards continued to randomise which unit got to act, or react, the Tech-marine fired his multi-laser rapier at the scurrying guard – but if you’re paying attention, yes that’s another 1, another complete miss!

18. Marines Run!

The battle continues to spiral into the madness that is the fog-of-war – smashy Ogryns actually routed the marines – who proceeded to run from the battlefield. (!?!?!)

19. Plucky Guard - Direct Hit

Next the solitary Lascannon Trooper  – and really the only high yield weapon on the Renegade’s side – one shotted the rapier as it was moved into line of sight.

I could feel the fuming Tech-marine across the battlefield.

20. Orgyn Swimming.

At some point in every game, the best laid plans devolve into chaos.

The previously panicked Marines regained their resolve, but at the same time, the Renegade Commander became increasingly emboldened, and with numbers attempted to swamp the remaining Marines on this side of the battlefield.

21. Guard Full Attack22. Marines Dance

Whilst this occurred on the other side of the table – the Tech-marine and the remaining Assault Marines began to sweep out of the way of the T-Rex and the howling Orgyn.

The Red Mist aka the hint of Khorne, finally shows itself in the Renegade Guard.

They turned, and shot straight at the Dino.

23. Itchy Trigger Finger24. Orgyn SMASH

The multi-melta Marine on this side of the battlefield was seemingly battle weary & wandering around directionless.

The Tech-marine failed to act, and was savaged by the raging Orgyns, while at the same time the T-Rex thundered across the battlefield towards the tasting looking Guard.

25. Dino Charge26. Guard Panic!

For once the Guard performed as expected, and turned and ran! Who wouldn’t given the scale of the attacker? – the Renegade Commander wasn’t present to shoot deserters.

27. Ogryn Atttack Big Green Thing

With a roar the Orgyns continued to stomp around and rear assaulted the T-rex – but that didn’t really matter as they couldn’t actually hurt it! They are indeed to stupid to care.

The random cards then enabled both players favourite shot of the game – the Lascannon Trooper who’d aced everything else – took aim, and shot the T-Rex down first attempt.

We both couldn’t stop laughing… while we laughed, the Orgyns tucked into a ‘dinner’ meal of scorched T-Rex flesh. And well deserved their feast was.

28. Las-Hero!

There aren’t photos of just how many troops that one Lascannon Trooper shot – but to borrow a Starship Troopers reference – he would absolutely be the lead character in a promotional video – sadly he’s a Renegade – so it’s more likely Khorne would grant him a gift. And the Realms of Chaos books have some amazingly useless ‘gifts’ that would likely be bestowed.

Battle Summary

  • I absolutely loved the variation to the ebb & flow of battle the card based unit turn system created. Every change in the flow created the need to recalculate. It even created the swamping effect of numerical advantage, but also allowed for that ‘lucky run’ which the eventually outnumbered marines unluckily didn’t capitalise on. I would love to use this mechanic again.
  • The dice rolls were extreme, with one model almost every turn hitting maximum hit, and the most powerful unit on the field missing EVERY time. Statistically running this game again, it would be almost impossible to recreate.
  • The army lists were not ‘balanced’ – the whole game was more a “What if Scenario” imposing a narrative onto the game structure – and the non-player element of the Dinosaur reminded me why I used to like having random Terrain obstacles & effects to further randomise the mix.

And no we didn’t play all rules correctly. But the players are the ultimate arbiters of what they do – not the rulebook. I don’t think we even looked after recording some basic stat lines

  • Playing a game against an opponent who isn’t focused on optimal Math-hammer gaming is something I miss & that definitely killed my feel of later editions of W40k. Maybe I just don’t believe that gaming needs to be even or even fair. It just needs to be agreed. This game had a narrative – and that made the whole evening much more memorable.

And that’s why I’m still modelling, painting, and trying out games.

My inner man-child still likes to have fun.

LATE EDIT: I’ve just been reminded that the multi-laser rapier had follow on fire hitting on 2+.. so yeah The Renegade Guard definitely had a chaos blessing that night!:


The same weekend we constructed a scenario to see just how tough a 10 man unit of Terminator Marines would be when assaulting an infinite supply of Genestealers on a Genestealer hive…. Unbalanced? Yes? Fun? Hell yes.


When you finally finish that project…

It’s only take almost 30 years. But it’s done.

What were the winning ingredients?

-: 30 Gorkamorka Orks – inc. Two metal models & one ‘Spesh Mehreen’ Armoured RT Orc. + 3 improvised ‘Big Shootas’ aka lollipop sticks & bitzbox gubbins
-: 30 Rogue Trader Orks – Inc one metal RT Champ w/ Power Klaw, and 3 metal RT models used for RT Missile Launchers.
-: 1 Orc Zap Gun Figure – Converted to ‘Mekboy’ w/ Kustom Force Field/Flamer/Targeter
Various Zinge Industries Bits Zinge Industries

Paint Materials:
Coat D’Arme Paints
-: 905 – American Civil War Set

Army Painter
-: Army Painter Dark Tone
-: Mega Brush Set
-: Greenskin Primer

-: Brush Restorer
-: Wood Glue aka PVA
-: Matt Varnish
-: Bag of Sand/Bag of ‘Alien’ Sand & Bits of Cork aka ‘Rocks’
-: 2mm bearings for ballast.

-: One Desk, One Desk Lamp w/ Daylight bulb. And many visits to: Wigan Tabletop Games Club & also a generous sprinkling of Trello , and BBC R6

Thanks to Will for being friendly & genuinely engaging on my first visit; Andy, despite being a grumpy scot, for offering a game of everything under the sun; Rik & Steve for f#@king swearing on every sub-f#@king-sequent visit; Chris for some intellectual debate and knowing who Christopher Hitchens was..

The bulb & brushes were a new idea.. and I’m glad I did it.

All painted and completed over the last 2 months. They’ve been built since before I started renovating my current home 4 years ago.

As celebration – here they are with their  Gorkamorka scenery, Crashed Ship &  Digganob Tents.(aka Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome ) I might even dig through my film collection for appropriate names. I still haven’t found the metal Digganob…YET!

Ming is most smug.

What’s next?

30 Kromlech Great Coat Orcs, 30 Modern Orcs, a Kromlech Medik & a Raging Heroes Ork Warboss. Oh and some Blood Bowl Orks. Just because.

The entire V1 Super Dungeon Explore set – White primer & Inks incoming for a loud retro 8-Bit gaming feel.

1) Proxy For Dragon Rampant (using Orcs)
2) Blood Bowl – LRB Rules
3) Stargrunt II – Someone will bite eventually.

2x RT Games to write up w/ Dan “The Invincible Celt” T.

Insomnia, Internet, & Inspiration

Well some things change..and yet..

4 years after starting renovating a house, 2 years after being forced from a job I loved, but most importantly 6 months, and a smattering of days after I got married, I find myself unable to sleep.

And it’s not like I’ve tried or don’t know how. Sadly I think the off script mediation from the doctors has had the opposite effect. Rather than sleep, I just can’t stop the mind whenever I stop focusing on breathing.

Is it universal irony that earlier this evening I was talking to a Mike about better sleep strategies?

I know too many Mikes according to the wife & I freely admit that sometimes I keep which one it is unclear to see if she can work it out.

So as a wise man once said many years ago to me in my IT days: “I have taken a dump, and everything seems to be ok now” Sadly he didn’t see the unintended double meaning. .

So here I am dumping my head out, the final attempt to get actual sleep and not just deep mediation on my breath and body for hours on end.

And I’ll begin the dump at the end, and work backwards.

I’ve just discovered while resetting the login credentials for here that while the Website for CACK Wargames club is defunct – it seems they are still active on Facebook. I haven’t been active on there since 2017, I abandoned Twitter in 2018

I’ve made progress on my models over the last two months, almost 90 models painted to a completed level I am happy with. I even spent the evening sticking my balls in their bottoms. PVA glue and cheap 3mm metal ball bearings provide a nice load.

I’ve sorted 2 boxes of other models. Repaired one for painting and found one to paint. I seem to be enjoying painting, which is odd. But my fine motor skills are definitely better than 3 years ago. I wonder if all that late night gluing has done its sneaky trick again..

Which then brings me back to making lists and notes, even tonight I’ve filled a post it note in 5 minutes, thankfully this year I may have a tool to prevent note paralysis. It’s called ‘Trello’ and Mrs Ming has even started using it for work.

It has definitely helped me control both my ability to procrastinate, and my habit of starting new projects when others are incomplete.

Let me just leave a Pros & Cons Analysis of my recent life and wellbeing status in this pre-dawn, post meditation, purely train of thought flow


* Removing fried foods, pastry, hard fat, cheese, milk, & sugar as anything but mouthfuls from my diet is a hard long term set of habits to be having success in changing. Also wow; Vitamin B supplements…why have I never taken you before?

* My daily goals of 2+ litres of water, yoga, cleaning twice , & hunting out a good conversation gets easier the more I repeat it. I’ve also started on a new daily foreign language challenge.

* De-cluttering the home has not de-cluttered my mind. I think I’ll always spin mentally like an orchestra made of one man bands all in a different key, but I’ve re-found my ability to make my thoughts sing for me, and not I to be forced to dance to my thoughts

* I’m so lucky to have a strong, caring, beautiful, passionate, and driven wi-fey who loves and supports me. I’m so happy I’ve sorted my diet. I’m lucky I’ve found a decent job that fits around her need to get her business to be successful. Also 4am erections.

* I have only 8 working days left this month, and lots of plans in the making.

* I’m having fun with my hobbies of gaming, wargaming, yoga, reading, & music

* I’ve spoken more and spent more time with family and good friends than I have since, well, ever!


* My post gall bladder operation pain is not going anywhere. I am going to need to find a solution I haven’t tried yet in the last 2 years. I am open to suggestions, however BUPA is my next expensive step.

* Improving my sleep routine so I more often get 4 hrs in a night is better now that any time post op. And yet despite taking enough meds to knock out a blue whale here I am at 6:30 am..

* I still don’t have all the answers to life, nor the time and energy to ask the right questions of my life. I can count 4 serious breakdowns in my life. I may never be free of them.

NB To Future Ming

1) Your happiness helpers work for you, use them

2) You only have so many fucks to give in life use them wisely

3) If people don’t like what you say, do, act like, look like or believe, and that’s an issue they have to try and force you to change, tell them to fuck off.

4) Focus on finding connections and similarities. Despite the attitude of the majority these days, most people have more in common than they have differences

Speculation. Networking. Life


I knew I hadn’t been on here for a while. I knew I’ve been to some dark places. This year I have failed. I have failed at so many things I set out to do. And in that way I’ve learned some very good lessons.  Things I would never have learned if I’d been successful.

There’s been a little modelling – crafting some post apocalyptic war-bands. Not for a game. But because I can. Thankfully I haven’t added much to the hordes of minions I have.

I trying to get away from working in bars, and with beers, I’ve ended up doing more with beer, breweries, and beer festivals than I’ve ever done before.

My life isn’t perfect. Just like me. But I’m still learning.

I’m not too clever, it’s a phrase I’ve been called. I do love a debate. I do see the contrary points to so much.

I just love questions, and exploring, I will never stop looking for connections, levels, and patterns. I’m nearly 38 revolutions round the sun. And modern life is goodish enough that I still don’t want to get off.

I’m my own greatest experiment, but I’m no work of art.

I’m now in the situation were I have  some paid part-time work. And I hope this will give me the space to develop something I’ve never tried before. I’m now working for faces, not psychopathic corporate or bureaucratic organisations. I hope I never will have to again.

The next steps involve a little fear. A little hope. And the support of the people I love. Yes, I know I love all the people. But in practice I rely on a few. I’m already way outside my comfort zone. But being comfortable has never suited me. At least for now the discomfort is of my own creation, and not pushed on me because of a compromise I have made.

I have currently 5 different new routes to explore. Two require me to have some collateral. I have none. 3 I know I can do for no costs, and while the won’t make much money. They will make much happy.

And I need to write, to talk, to express. The more I dialogue, without preaching. The more I am giving, the happier I feel. If I’d had no principles, no morals, or no soul – I could have been rich financially. Thank you friends. Some of you have had some very deep discussions. And I have got some very honest reactions.

This year has reminded me I have in me, and around me, something priceless.

Thanks universe for being there for me. Sorry I wasn’t listening.


In no particular order here’s some people who’ve been involved in the tipping point that created this post.

I always loved reading, I always wanted to be a writer.

I’ve always loved people.

I’ve fallen deeply in love with beer research.

And one woman.

It’s up to me to decide where I go next.




I also need to find a new home… but hey that’s not so bad.

Laughter.Luck.Love (Copyright – MusingsofMing2014)


















Steps to wisdom..

…I wish I had them planned out. I’ve often considered that having no plan is in fact a plan. Thursday night I busted out the Orks down at the club for a little game. Thankfully this time there was no Space Marine tanks that I couldn’t bust open. It was great fun watching the Eldar bounce around and pop off all their crazy moves. And then realise that being massively outnumbered means that they still had to run away. They were left with 3 men standing before my men failed a morale check and finally ran off. Still a 1 on 1 combat with an Exarch vs a Nob with Power Klaw will not be forgotten. 3 hits. And no wounds. In the words of an ancient wise man. Also came up with a new painting idea which is simple, but produces a nice effect.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

I’ve had a week break from school. I’ve had some ideas, and tomorrow I’ll be starting m next batch of lesson plans. A bit like war-gaming, teaching seems to be about picking the right fight, and knowing when to take a defeat or a failure with good humour. We’ll see what happens when I get back. As I’m fully in charge of the lessons. I’m concerned how I’ll cope. But if I don’t try I will never know!. I just can’t believe how much paper-work I generate. Apparently it gets easier after the first 4 years.

Finally on a personal note I’ve had some great beer research this weekend. Including a dangerous Sly Fox ‘Incubus‘, and trip to Liverpool for some craft delights, and a trip to two breweries in one day. Which is also a personal first! I’ve also now reached a point where I had someone come up and talk to me about beery things I’ve done, knew my name and people I know. I felt bad until he admitted he knew of me, but I’d never met him. A Leg-End in my own small town? Also sad for the first time in years I had to have a ‘tactical chunder’ before I could focus. That will remind me not to pay £8 for a beer bottle of Stone ‘Arrogant Bastard’  and then try and down it because I didn’t realise everyone was leaving the bar.






Success, Effort, & Luck

I suppose I should give myself a break. Got offered an early chance to run a class this week. And for the most part it went well. They learn, I learned, and I invoked both praise and repercussions. Two lessons later and their normal teacher & I feel like it is a different room!

Then today after an mock exam it was fascinating to watch them doodle on a sheet of spare paper and see the different things they did. A necessary reminder that they are all individuals. I just see them doing one subject.

Also had a great weekend at Uni – getting to know some fellow students and sharing information. And upsetting an OFSTED/Linguistics/Behavioural Expert – becuase I pointed out that an example she’d complied on an excellent EAL school was so visually disorganised as a native English speaker I was confused. I am a ‘Distractor’ (?) When she asked “What I got from the document/” She wasn’t expecting that as the answer. Maybe its the fact I mentioned i was watching her body-language and not her Use of Punjabi/English that didn’t help either

BONUS: Being offered written advice from a dyslexic PhD Proffessor – becuuase he could she how I made ideas, and understood how I would struggle with producing a Master/KS7 assignment that was worth my while!


  • Suitcase
  • Pencil Case
  • Magnetic Board
  • a4 Day Diary
  • Visualizer
  • Office 2010
  • Next Assignment
  • Make a network of colleagues


Got down to gaming club a lot later than normal last week. Discussed gaming, modelling and got some freebies from the great ideas & modelling factory that is http://zinge.co.uk/ – as they are working on new bits

  • Destroy Old paints
  • Organise Orcs for modelling days on End of Term
  • Paint More Hordes
  • Consider Proxy Army for Hordes (Chaos 40K Modelling fun!!)

Beer Research


  • Titanic Brewery Trip 29th March
  • Maccelsfield & RedWillow Brewery 12th April
  • Huddersfield & Magic Rock & Hand Drawn Monkey 28th June

BONUS: Discovering a drunk note I left in in ‘Zly Casy’ Prague has made into onto their ‘Wall Of Fame’


  • Reunion with Uni Mates – Stratford-Upon-Avon 21-23rd
  • Trip to Reading to to DIY/CatchUp/Gaming
  • http://beatherder.co.uk/

Laughter. Luck & Love. Its the key!

“If a theory is complicated, its wrong.”

– Richard P. Feynman

Wow. I just lost a month.

Whilst I have got SuperDungeonExplore primed and all built I had some great news at the start of February. I’ve started Teacher Training. (Finally). I think I may have to start using this to log teaching incidents. Won’t have time for much else for a while.

For example while learning simple shapes – it was amazing to see one challenging student take a good guess at a 12 sided two-dimensional shape being called a “Twelf-agon”. Sadly they don’t teach Ancient Greek to people any more.

Mostly though I’ve been teaching students some basic manners.
But treating them like an intelligent human seems to help. I think my wonky eyes, loud ties, and handlebar/mutton chops really helps put them off-balance too.

I’ve also been involved in one of the most successful beer festival’s we’ve ever had through –  http://wigancamra.org.uk/

Then at the weekend I get invited to a reunion with my Uni housemates – some of whom I haven’t seen since I first started working in pubs.

It’s nice to have these moments…

Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Models, Those Rules.

Two trips down the games club resulted in two games. One of ‘CACK-OPS’ – a modified version of ‘Kill Team’ for Warhammer 40k 6th Edition. And a refresher in Privateer Press’s Warmachine/Hordes.

  • Lesson 1: If you like the models, but the company can’t write rules – then house rules may be the way forward. Means I can also keep crafting my never empty bits box.
  • Lesson 2: A green tide of Orks doesn’t like flamers or marines. But I still like Orceseses. I’m thinking this week I’ll dig out some Chaos Termies.
  • Lesson 3: Remember your Hordes beasts have a Fury capacity for a reason – use it all!
  • Lesson 4: It isn’t just line of sight that counts in Hordes – but spacing and arcs. Plus sometimes your opponent simply kicks ass in a fun way!
  • Lesson 5: I still can’t take decent model pictures – need to work on lighting box or similar.

I did change my ‘Legion of Everblight’ models colour scheme thrice this week. I don’t like the cold blue scheme; I do like the beastie models. My first version was a green/bone affair, which looked crap. I then tried an orange/bone scheme. Again too crappy… Too bright. Then I tried a brown/sand scheme with red highlights and the odd white/grey detailing. Kind of like some desert or real life lizards scheme. Much much happier with this. Sadly someone has already coined ‘Legion of Desertblight’, but thankfully my colour scheme is different.

  • Lesson 6: Use less paint of the tip of your brush!
  • Lesson 7: Slowly converting over to Coat D’Arms/Army Painter was a genius idea. I may never be a great painter – but I can now make them look ‘tabletop’ good, and it isn’t days per model. This IS good. If a little shiny. Matt Varnish on order…

I then finally got the Starfire dragon assembled from ‘SuperDungeonExplore’ – involving soaking it in boiling water and bending the hell out it- then holding it in cold water. White primer arrived about 5 minutes ago. Here goes my first attempt at a bright cartoony colour scheme.

  • Lesson 8: If you can think of it, it probably already exists on the internet. (Rule 34)

New Year’s Revolution

Found the blog in November when tidying up after Halloween. Life is much better when I work to live – and not the last 10 years of live to work.

  • Gaming:
  1. Get Back Down The Club √ – http://www.cack-wargamesclub.net/
  2. Sort ‘Man Cave’  √
  3. Organise a Game √
  4. Post Some Pictures
  5. Build & Paint
  • Life:
  1. Volunteer at Manchester Beer & Cider Festival √ – http://www.manchesterbeerfestival.org.uk/
  2. Organise Beers for Wigan Beer Festival √ – in progress http://www.wigancamra.org.uk/
  3. Book Teacher Training Days √
  4. Trip to Reading for DIY
  5. Holiday Planning
  6. Beer Research √√√√√√

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