Balloon Deflating

Images I feel, the cabin has lost pressure

– Please attach your masks & belts. Women & children first.

Images I feel, the childish gift that creates joy

– then loses it’s bounce. They are the worst.

Images I feel, the journey into dreams

– that never quite gets off the ground

Images I feel, the moment the anticipation changes

– excitement becomes a sadness you’ve found

Images I feel. the sexual adventure that explodes in her face

– feels so degrading

Images I feel, the collapse of the self into my own black hole

– gritty and shaming

Images I feel, the image of a balloon deflating

– rarely shown on my face

Images I feel, the image of us Ladies & Gentlemen

– as we’re floating in space

Webs Of Memories

A spiders web, stored in my head.

He lives in my memory, yet he is dead.

I watched him swinging to and fro.

I wondered how he chose where to go.

Is there a plan my courageous little spider man?

Or do you do it just because you can?

How do you make those little decisions?

That create those beautiful web divisions?

Why in the face of all the chaos and strife,

Does your little dance invoke a wonder in life?