Steps to wisdom..

…I wish I had them planned out. I’ve often considered that having no plan is in fact a plan. Thursday night I busted out the Orks down at the club for a little game. Thankfully this time there was no Space Marine tanks that I couldn’t bust open. It was great fun watching the Eldar bounce around and pop off all their crazy moves. And then realise that being massively outnumbered means that they still had to run away. They were left with 3 men standing before my men failed a morale check and finally ran off. Still a 1 on 1 combat with an Exarch vs a Nob with Power Klaw will not be forgotten. 3 hits. And no wounds. In the words of an ancient wise man. Also came up with a new painting idea which is simple, but produces a nice effect.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

I’ve had a week break from school. I’ve had some ideas, and tomorrow I’ll be starting m next batch of lesson plans. A bit like war-gaming, teaching seems to be about picking the right fight, and knowing when to take a defeat or a failure with good humour. We’ll see what happens when I get back. As I’m fully in charge of the lessons. I’m concerned how I’ll cope. But if I don’t try I will never know!. I just can’t believe how much paper-work I generate. Apparently it gets easier after the first 4 years.

Finally on a personal note I’ve had some great beer research this weekend. Including a dangerous Sly Fox ‘Incubus‘, and trip to Liverpool for some craft delights, and a trip to two breweries in one day. Which is also a personal first! I’ve also now reached a point where I had someone come up and talk to me about beery things I’ve done, knew my name and people I know. I felt bad until he admitted he knew of me, but I’d never met him. A Leg-End in my own small town? Also sad for the first time in years I had to have a ‘tactical chunder’ before I could focus. That will remind me not to pay £8 for a beer bottle of Stone ‘Arrogant Bastard’  and then try and down it because I didn’t realise everyone was leaving the bar.






Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Models, Those Rules.

Two trips down the games club resulted in two games. One of ‘CACK-OPS’ – a modified version of ‘Kill Team’ for Warhammer 40k 6th Edition. And a refresher in Privateer Press’s Warmachine/Hordes.

  • Lesson 1: If you like the models, but the company can’t write rules – then house rules may be the way forward. Means I can also keep crafting my never empty bits box.
  • Lesson 2: A green tide of Orks doesn’t like flamers or marines. But I still like Orceseses. I’m thinking this week I’ll dig out some Chaos Termies.
  • Lesson 3: Remember your Hordes beasts have a Fury capacity for a reason – use it all!
  • Lesson 4: It isn’t just line of sight that counts in Hordes – but spacing and arcs. Plus sometimes your opponent simply kicks ass in a fun way!
  • Lesson 5: I still can’t take decent model pictures – need to work on lighting box or similar.

I did change my ‘Legion of Everblight’ models colour scheme thrice this week. I don’t like the cold blue scheme; I do like the beastie models. My first version was a green/bone affair, which looked crap. I then tried an orange/bone scheme. Again too crappy… Too bright. Then I tried a brown/sand scheme with red highlights and the odd white/grey detailing. Kind of like some desert or real life lizards scheme. Much much happier with this. Sadly someone has already coined ‘Legion of Desertblight’, but thankfully my colour scheme is different.

  • Lesson 6: Use less paint of the tip of your brush!
  • Lesson 7: Slowly converting over to Coat D’Arms/Army Painter was a genius idea. I may never be a great painter – but I can now make them look ‘tabletop’ good, and it isn’t days per model. This IS good. If a little shiny. Matt Varnish on order…

I then finally got the Starfire dragon assembled from ‘SuperDungeonExplore’ – involving soaking it in boiling water and bending the hell out it- then holding it in cold water. White primer arrived about 5 minutes ago. Here goes my first attempt at a bright cartoony colour scheme.

  • Lesson 8: If you can think of it, it probably already exists on the internet. (Rule 34)