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I knew I hadn’t been on here for a while. I knew I’ve been to some dark places. This year I have failed. I have failed at so many things I set out to do. And in that way I’ve learned some very good lessons.  Things I would never have learned if I’d been successful.

There’s been a little modelling – crafting some post apocalyptic war-bands. Not for a game. But because I can. Thankfully I haven’t added much to the hordes of minions I have.

I trying to get away from working in bars, and with beers, I’ve ended up doing more with beer, breweries, and beer festivals than I’ve ever done before.

My life isn’t perfect. Just like me. But I’m still learning.

I’m not too clever, it’s a phrase I’ve been called. I do love a debate. I do see the contrary points to so much.

I just love questions, and exploring, I will never stop looking for connections, levels, and patterns. I’m nearly 38 revolutions round the sun. And modern life is goodish enough that I still don’t want to get off.

I’m my own greatest experiment, but I’m no work of art.

I’m now in the situation were I have  some paid part-time work. And I hope this will give me the space to develop something I’ve never tried before. I’m now working for faces, not psychopathic corporate or bureaucratic organisations. I hope I never will have to again.

The next steps involve a little fear. A little hope. And the support of the people I love. Yes, I know I love all the people. But in practice I rely on a few. I’m already way outside my comfort zone. But being comfortable has never suited me. At least for now the discomfort is of my own creation, and not pushed on me because of a compromise I have made.

I have currently 5 different new routes to explore. Two require me to have some collateral. I have none. 3 I know I can do for no costs, and while the won’t make much money. They will make much happy.

And I need to write, to talk, to express. The more I dialogue, without preaching. The more I am giving, the happier I feel. If I’d had no principles, no morals, or no soul – I could have been rich financially. Thank you friends. Some of you have had some very deep discussions. And I have got some very honest reactions.

This year has reminded me I have in me, and around me, something priceless.

Thanks universe for being there for me. Sorry I wasn’t listening.


In no particular order here’s some people who’ve been involved in the tipping point that created this post.

I always loved reading, I always wanted to be a writer.

I’ve always loved people.

I’ve fallen deeply in love with beer research.

And one woman.

It’s up to me to decide where I go next.




I also need to find a new home… but hey that’s not so bad.

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Success, Effort, & Luck

I suppose I should give myself a break. Got offered an early chance to run a class this week. And for the most part it went well. They learn, I learned, and I invoked both praise and repercussions. Two lessons later and their normal teacher & I feel like it is a different room!

Then today after an mock exam it was fascinating to watch them doodle on a sheet of spare paper and see the different things they did. A necessary reminder that they are all individuals. I just see them doing one subject.

Also had a great weekend at Uni – getting to know some fellow students and sharing information. And upsetting an OFSTED/Linguistics/Behavioural Expert – becuase I pointed out that an example she’d complied on an excellent EAL school was so visually disorganised as a native English speaker I was confused. I am a ‘Distractor’ (?) When she asked “What I got from the document/” She wasn’t expecting that as the answer. Maybe its the fact I mentioned i was watching her body-language and not her Use of Punjabi/English that didn’t help either

BONUS: Being offered written advice from a dyslexic PhD Proffessor – becuuase he could she how I made ideas, and understood how I would struggle with producing a Master/KS7 assignment that was worth my while!


  • Suitcase
  • Pencil Case
  • Magnetic Board
  • a4 Day Diary
  • Visualizer
  • Office 2010
  • Next Assignment
  • Make a network of colleagues


Got down to gaming club a lot later than normal last week. Discussed gaming, modelling and got some freebies from the great ideas & modelling factory that is http://zinge.co.uk/ – as they are working on new bits

  • Destroy Old paints
  • Organise Orcs for modelling days on End of Term
  • Paint More Hordes
  • Consider Proxy Army for Hordes (Chaos 40K Modelling fun!!)

Beer Research


  • Titanic Brewery Trip 29th March
  • Maccelsfield & RedWillow Brewery 12th April
  • Huddersfield & Magic Rock & Hand Drawn Monkey 28th June

BONUS: Discovering a drunk note I left in in ‘Zly Casy’ Prague has made into onto their ‘Wall Of Fame’


  • Reunion with Uni Mates – Stratford-Upon-Avon 21-23rd
  • Trip to Reading to to DIY/CatchUp/Gaming
  • http://beatherder.co.uk/

Laughter. Luck & Love. Its the key!

“If a theory is complicated, its wrong.”

– Richard P. Feynman

Wow. I just lost a month.

Whilst I have got SuperDungeonExplore primed and all built I had some great news at the start of February. I’ve started Teacher Training. (Finally). I think I may have to start using this to log teaching incidents. Won’t have time for much else for a while.

For example while learning simple shapes – it was amazing to see one challenging student take a good guess at a 12 sided two-dimensional shape being called a “Twelf-agon”. Sadly they don’t teach Ancient Greek to people any more.

Mostly though I’ve been teaching students some basic manners.
But treating them like an intelligent human seems to help. I think my wonky eyes, loud ties, and handlebar/mutton chops really helps put them off-balance too.

I’ve also been involved in one of the most successful beer festival’s we’ve ever had through –  http://wigancamra.org.uk/

Then at the weekend I get invited to a reunion with my Uni housemates – some of whom I haven’t seen since I first started working in pubs.

It’s nice to have these moments…