Update {Hello.World} && Upgrade {Life} && $HOME$ {Purge}

Two months ago I had an existential crisis staring ahead at a serious road accident.  Two mangled cars, three fire trucks, and a helicopter landing in the road behind me.

Unplanned events happen all the time. Decisions & actions need to be taken all the time too. I’ve had 9 months of 12 hour work days, 40,000 miles driven in 6 months. And no life. It had to stop.

Tomorrow is never here.


I’ve done a much needed root and branch spring clean of my mental and physical spaces. I’m very lucky in these trying times I could. Deleted all un-social media accounts. But I’ve kept reddit, imgur, discord and a few other things where it’s about the interests, not the person. As this is mostly a project from me to me, I’m letting it pass for now.

There’s more to living than working. It’s definitely why some people see my career paths as unusual. I am going to continue to experiment with what works for me. I’ve taken on a trainee role at 45 – with the massive caveat that I do know a lot of it. But like my sanity, it’s never been certified.

I’m  lucky financially, and also with the friends and family I connect with, and the support I receive.

Five years ago I thought my future was 100% secure and I was in total control of my destiny.  It’s been one vicious roller-coaster…

” Yesterday has already gone.


All I can attempt to control are my choices now to this roller-coaster we call life. I will take my chances, and take the successes and failures with good grace.

Let’s see,  like the branches of a tree, how many smiles I can spread each day.

What have I also been up to?


I’ve costed up all the additional projects on the house that due to the persistent back muscles issues I cannot do, sadly nor can I do my much loved yoga. I can still meditate.


Been a fun month of ‘dive in head first’ tech work. Very productive use of my free time while I can’t ‘labour’.

There is only now.


No-one else I know IRL has any idea what any of all this is.

Only taken like the last few years to on the linux/laptop windows/pc combo – dual booting never really did it for me, as I never rebooted.

I’ve configured Linuxmint on 2 devices,Pihole, Soulseek, Rysnc, Retroarch, Steam OS (Most of my games run), & MusicBrainz Picard (for editing my music library), manually fixed and then re-built an EDID. The monitor has never worked perfectly under Linux. It does now.

Learnt a lot about initramfs & linux structures on the way. Jellyfin Home Media Server – running private network over Tailscale to browse from anywhere on a private-mesh net. Done reboot and power loss tests. It’s all persistent.

Plus a Ventoy MultiISO rescue disk. Failed to depoy OpenWrt to a router due to them no longer supporting sub 4MB flash devices – and Tailscale solved that issue anyway.

Purged over 300GB data.. then added back in a lot more TV/Film… doh! Also rebuilt my tech station. (PC/Laptop/PS4/Switch)

Then re-edited over 60k music files.

Don’t panic I’ve got a mirrored 6TB storage and 1TB OS back up all automated. There’s 16TB of total storage. I’m not trying to back up the internet. But I HATE advertising, anywhere. Streaming can drive me nuts.

I’ve now got two spare raspberry pi and two 64GB USB drives to think of a project for. I’m thinking lights/fans/heat control for the greenhouse and shed. if I can get my back sorted. All our bills are rising due to shareholder profit seemingly the biggest driver on the planet. I’d rather just have just enough. And some peace of mind. Designed obsolescence is killing us.


I’ve been back down the Tabletop Club – they’re definitely shocked by the fluorescent 8bit/16bit inspired models I’m painting for Super Dungeon Explore. I’m really itchy for a game of Dragon Rampant or Blood Bowl.

Online RPG’ing has changed from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, to Traveller RPG. I can totally see how Firefly or The Expanse came to be. I’m hooked already – with spreadsheet and Draw.Io deck plans galore.

Then some more Nier Automata to play..which I started in 2019 before I caught “The Wife of Many Holes”. Most of the PTSD is gone from that 10 year relationship. Poetry peoples have also been contacted again. Some people are so forgiving of personal absence.

I’ve finally been able to book Live gigs/Cinema/Theatre & Live shows. I’ve still even buy CDs and digital on Bandcamp, and personal bits just for me.

{ ( %Music%+%Tinkering%+%Play% ) = satisfaction } > ( %Status% or %Work% or %Social Media% )